Just 1 year on from an impulsive moment of entrapment, we flew the King to the Moon ...
The mission was tempestuous, but these brave troopers escaped the hazardous cloud of moon dust alive with some smooth sounds that’ll hopefully one day feature on a reboot of Record Breakers, presented by Kriss Akabusi. Here’s solid proof of the first live album recorded on lunar soil.

Starring: Archy Marshall, James Wilson, George Bass, Jack Towell, Connor 'Rago Foot' Atanda & Ignacio Salvadores.

Director, Producer & Editor: Ja Humby

DOP: Tom Wade
Steadicam: Jess Doxey
Camera: Miles Proudfoot, Will Gardener
Focus Puller: Sam Harding
2nd Unit Focus Puller: Ryan Parkins
Gaffer: Salvador Gomez-Lopez
AC: Ben Gadsden, Josh Bloomer
Grip: Ashton Lunn
Spark: Nick Leishman
DIT: Arran Sinclair

Assistant Producer: Hamish Cameron
Production Assistant: Frankie Ellis

Art Director: Jabez Bartlett
Art Dept: Sophie Foden Pattinson,
Kit Falck, Anya Mooney,
Beatrice Caltabiano, Frankie Ellis, Maddie Ellis, Abi Cooke

Sound & Mix Engineer: Justin G Lyndley
Assistant Sound Engineer: Yiğit Bülbül
SFX: Dan Rhodes & Ja Humby

VFX Producer: Tom Igg
Colourist: Oisín O'Driscoll
2D Artist: Carl Norton
Titles: Ja Humby

Special thanks to the lunar deity - Frankie Ellis, Theo Lalic, Phil Lee, XL Recordings, True Panther Sounds, The Mill, Simon Surtees, Harriet Cannon & Katie Bonham at Arri Rental and Angels of Arkansas - Linda & James Cameron.


High on pine sap, the four horsemen gripped the reins with splintered hands and galloped north-east in search of the River Dairy, a 6 meter stretch of vitamin C rich camel's milk, discarded by the Trappist monks of The Yard monastery. Disappointed by the wick’s 2012 Olympics regeneration, the young outlaws drowned their sorrows in the thick creamy brew, before erupting into a fine display of how far they’ve come from the fertile soil, south of town.

Starring: Theo McCabe, Jacob 'Jerkcurb' Reid, George Bass, Jack Marshall.

Directed by Ja Humby

Camera: Ja, Stuart Crofts, Arran Sinclair
Sound Engineer: Justin Lyndley
Production Assistant: Hamish Cameron
Runner: Tom Bailey   

J. Albert always dreamt of visiting both Westfield shopping centres in one day, but his decision to cross the pond on this trip of a lifetime landed him in one of London’s most notorious prisons. After a brief and momentarily tearful interrogation, New York's slimmest roid-head swaps the guitar for an MPC in a performance reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s infamous visit to Folsom.

Starring: Jio Alberto Nadal

Video by Ja Humby 

Molten Jets' debut eruption and another one of those occasions where entrapment wins.
Ross From Friends provides the heat courtesy of Magicwire and Wigflex. 

Starring: Felix Clary Weatherall, Jon Dunk, Jet Hammer, Big Sam.

Video by Ja Humby